Perinatal Mental Health

Working as a social worker in a high school for 15 years while raising 2 young children laid a foundation for my passion in supporting mom’s – as I was determined to ‘do it all’. I kept ‘pushing through’ despite the fog of my own postpartum. This over-functioning eventually led to fatigue, burnout, and further disconnection from my community of moms, my dearest friends, and my wonderful colleagues.

Specializing in Perinatal Mental Health (the time all around birth), I am dedicated to the health and well being of parents during such a vulnerable time. Infertility, pregnancy loss, traumatic birth and postpartum are some of the areas support my practice offers for clients to heal and continue to build resilience.

Postpartum Support International

My ongoing trainings with PSI, Postpartum Support International, will enable me to sit for the exam this summer in order to be a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional.

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